At BCI we love to communicate!

Keeping an open dialogue with our clients is important to our success.

We welcome your feedback as a vital part of our continuous improvement process.

Here are a few of the testimonials from our clients:

"We wanted to thank you all for your communications to the client and the great experience we had this year with BCI ...
Appreciate all the hard work and the challenges you go through with your services to us!"
Caroline G.

"Thank you for another great experience with BCI's HS Internet Service."
David F.

"Thanks guys. Was a good summer with it and I will be reactivating it in May next year."
Allan E.

"... thanks for the internet service since Dec 15th. It has worked without a "hitch".
Good Stuff ... hats off to all the gang at BCI."
Wayne G.

"We are loving our internet! My son who lives in London can't get over how fast it its
... now that's a compliment!"
Maureen M.

Good Stuff ... hats off to all the gang at BCI."
Wayne G.

"Our wireless is working very well."
Paddy C.

"Thank you for your continued service to our community and,
in particular bringing internet service to Lake Clear."
Paul F.

"...we appreciate your great service!! :)
Take care ..."
Jane S.

"I am very pleased with the service so far.
David :)

"Thanks again for your great service. We really appreciate the speedy internet we have at Lake Clear.
At this point, I don't know what we would do without it!"
Ken S.

"I never thought I would in my lifetime have Internet at the cottage.
My son who lvies in Toronto said this is unreal, and is as fast as my own.
I have mentioned it to a number of people."

Mary B.

"Thank you very much for your great service."
Les B.

"Everything is working great now. Service was great getting this rectified.
Very happy with you response quickness and your staff's courtesy. Thanks."
Mark H.

"Just wanted to say how much I appreciate both the hard work you guys are doing,
and all of the communications you have shared with us. It feels like we are really in the know
as much as we can be versus not knowing - which somehow feels much better,
and helps us to appreciate some of what is involved in your efforts on the technical side -
of which I have noticed the steady improvements. Cheers!"
Larry O.

"I am happy to recommend BCI to anyone, and I will spread the word to as many
"Seasonal (as well as year round) Residents" on Round Lake as I can."
Don and Margrit B.

"All too often we are eager to complain but when kudos are in order we forget to
say thanks. So Thanks! The system is responding great."
Mike M.

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